Michael J. May

Michael J. May

Faculty Lecturer
Software Engineering
Achi Racov Engineering Faculty
Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee

Office: 839 Bet Achi
Address:Tzemach Junction, MP Jordan Valley 15132, Israel
Phone: +972-4-665-3793
Fax: +972-4-665-3793
Email: mjmay -a-t- kinneret -d-o-t- ac -d-o-t- il
Office Hours: By appointment

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Dr. Efrat Kantor and I have developed the CemoMemo website and application for crowd-sourced documentation of graves and grave stones (soon to have automatic character recognition (OCR) for gravestones!).

I also serve as the head of the Asparna Research Center (ARC) at Kinneret.  One major project at ARC is file life cycle analysis and complex file events.  Our most recent publication on the topic extends complex file events to Android in a system called CEMDA.

I am interested in ways of applying formal methods to evaluate privacy and security properties of protocols and policies. My work includes automated verification of security properties of web service protocols as well as the development of a language, theory, and tools for flexible evaluation of a wide variety of privacy policies.

I have been affiliated in the past with Insup Lee's Real Time Systems Group and Carl A.Gunter's Illinois Security Lab, including working on the WSEmail project.

I received my Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation and a list of my online publications is available.

Software For the Past (SfP)

I have co-organized the Software For the Past (SfP) virtual conference with Dr. Efrat Kantor the past few years. The conference includes academic and industrial presentations on tools and algorithms that help us better explore and understand the past. The conference is sponsored by Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee's Software Engineering and Land of Israel Studies departments.


I teach the following courses at the Kinneret College Achi Racov Engineering Faculty:

Semester 1: (Fall)

Semester 2: (Spring)

I teach the following course at Tel Hai's Computer Science Department:

Semester 2: (Spring)

Previous Courses (Syllabus Archive):

Other academic institutions:

Full course information, course slides, and assignments are available via the above links or on the Moodle.  Grades and solution sets are available only on Moodle.

Prof Amir Tomer and I put our capstone project document templates online for use anyone, subject to the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

News and Recent Activities:


My alter ego teaches in the University of Pennsylvania Dept of Veterinary Medicine.

In my spare time, I teach in a department of math and computer science (like the collar?), serve as the principal of an Ohio high school, work as a movie extra, am an emeritus professor of management science and engineering, acted as a distinguished executive-in-residence in Babson until 2016, write in a Texan magazine, give inspirational speeches, do surveying and comedy in London, liked a hair restoration product enough to become a doctor in it in London (but not to the detriment of my bustling ophthalmology practice), sell real estate professionally (now with a branch in London too!), keep a very dark blog, act as a disk jockey for hip hop parties and weddings, served in the Old Guard for a few years at Arlington, write books about poetry, recently began teaching in public school in Washington state, work as a producer at a story lab, serve as admissions director at a Pennsylvania university, maintain a meme-themed social media page, and have theories on high energy.  Rumors of my demise have been grossly exaggerated. I also believe that any information on the web should be evaluated critically.

I have come to acquire great respect for Alice and Bob.

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