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Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee Presents

Software for the Past (SfP): Digital Technologies to Study the Past and Present

8 December 2020 via Zoom

A joint conference between the Software Engineering Department and Land of Israel Studies Department.

Advances in archiving technologies, image processing, deep learning, and augmented reality have transformed the experience and understanding of the past. Such technologies enable researchers to better understand historical cultures, events, and peoples. They also enable immersive historical, anthropological, and archaeological experiences for tourism and education.

SfP presents recent work on the design and implementation of new technology tools to study the past and present and results gained from use of such tools The conference will address multiple topics and periods. The focus will be on application of new digital technologies to the fields of history and archaeology from all over the world. Preference is given to those technical approaches that have wider applications and that show promise for general use.

Conference Registration

Conference attendance is free, but requires prior registration. Register here

Conference Program

A PDF version of the program is available here

Opening and Welcome 👋

Conference Welcome
Organizing Committee
Opening Remarks
Sibylle Heilbrunn
Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Session 1: Photos from the Past 📷

Session Chair: Amir Tomer, Kinneret College

Minna Rozen, University of Haifa
Michael J May, Kinneret College
Efrat Kantor, Kinneret College
Chaim Ben David, Kinneret College
Mechael Osband, Kinneret College

1520-1535 Virtual Coffee Break ☕

Session 2: Discovering the Past Next Door 🏡

Session Chair: Giora Goodman, Kinneret College

Tammy Hepps, Homestead Hebrews
Daniel Horowitz
MyHeritage and The Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)
Local Story
Dafna Philip, Local Story

1635-1650 Virtual Coffee Break ☕

Session 3: Analyzing the Past's Data and Media 💾

Session Chair: Orit Yaal, Kinneret College

Zef Segal, Open University of Israel
Oren Soffer, Open University of Israel
Orly Lewis, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Ingo Zechner, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for History and Society
Tobias Ebbrecht Hartmann, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1750-1805 Virtual Coffee Break ☕

Session 4: Mapping the Past 🗺️

Session Chair: Reuven Gafni, Kinneret College

Daniel Stein Kokin, Arizona State University
Michael Eisenberg
The Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa

Closing Remarks 👋

Closing and Farewell
Organizing Committee

Organizing committe

SfP was proudly organized by members of the Software Engineering and Land of Israel studies departments of Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee: